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Hotel Genova Centro
Street 44# 44- 66
Barranquilla, Colombia
(57) (5) 3511199 - 3795989
Cel: 315 753 2771 - 315 734 6348

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The history of Hotel Génova dates back to the 1940’s , when the Varani family originally from Génova Italy, decided to immigrate to South America fleeing conflict unleashed by World War II .

They decided to immigrate to Argentina. Mr. Atilio Varani and his family embarked on an old steamboat bound for the South American country. After nearly a month at sea, bad weather forced the ship to stop at Puerto Colombia (sea port close to Barranquilla), waiting for better conditions to continue the trip. Mr. Atilio’s daughter, Ana Maria, suffering the consequences of the long journey forced her parents to stay a few days in port. During the wait, the family decided to take a trip to the city of Barranquilla, delighted with the city and its people they decided to stay.

The Varani Family purchased two large houses on 44th Street between Cr 44th and Cr 45th, which then were called National Seal Street and Barracks streets and Lebanon respectively.

With great faith and a sense of belonging to the city that opened its arms to them, they undertook the construction of a four-story building with forty rooms, a restaurant and three meeting rooms named Florence, Venice and Rome. These still remain.

The success led them to acquire two more houses to expand the Hotel and add the pool area and gardens.

With the death of Don Atilio and his wife, in the early nineties, his daughter, Ana Maria, decided to sell the Hotel and return to her native country. In 1998 it was acquired by the current owners, a family from the central part of the country, which in turn had come to Barranquilla in the 1960’s in search of a better future.

The new and current owners undertook a complete renovation and modernization of the hotel while preserving its original style and architecture, making Hotel Génova your best choice when visiting Barranquilla.